Bojan Hojnik

Mr. Bojan Hojnik was born in 1968 in Celje. In 1990 he graduated at Law School in Maribor. In 1991 he was awarded “Kidrič award” by the University of Maribor, from the field of civil law. In 1996 he graduated from the Faculty of Law in Ljubljana with a degree in commercial transaction. Three years later, in 1999, he passed the state bar examination. Before registering into a directory of attorneys he had worked in court as a judicial probationer for two years as well as in the state administration, in economy and in two attorney’s offices. He is fluent in English and Croatian.

Fields of activity

For the points at issue that he is pursuing for his party, he tries to find the most optimal solution by a fast and out-of-court agreement. In cases when an agreement cannot be reached, the attorney acts on behalf of his party, enforcing party’s rights through state institutions. Cooperation is based on confidensiality and discretion. The attorney acts in accordance with the attorney’s ethics. He constantly cooperates with a party he is representing and takes into account party’s personal needs and wishes. In cases when contrary views emerge, the principal-agent relationship terminates on the basis of attorney’s or party’s unilateral declaration of will.

  • purchase and sale agreement
  • gift deed
  • life annuity contract
  • creation of an easement
  • administration of the real estate
  • lease contract
  • loan contract
  • contract of exchange
  • testaments
  • contract of division of property
  • contract of delivery and distribution of property
  • loan for use contract
  • building contract
  • contract for work, contract for services
  • contract of carriage
  • contract of order
  • employment contract
  • commission agency contract
  • brokerage contract
  • agency contract
  • contract of compromise
  • contract of partnership
  • other contracts of civil and commercial law
  • amicable settling of dispute
  • consulting on the most appropriate legal form
  • establishement, registration and transformation of commercial companies, sole traders, and preparations of general acts
  • establishement of other legal persons
  • business dispute
  • bankruptcy proceedings, proceedings of composition and liquidation of commercial companies
  • execution and insurance for compulsory collection on the basis of contractual and other obligations
  • compensation for damage
  • expiration of violation of personal rights
  • challenging of contracts and other legal transactions for mistakes, duress, tricks, excessive deprivation
  • voidness of legal transaction
  • elimination of risk of damage
  • guarantee of proper operation of objects
  • returning the property that passed to somebody else without legal basis
  • trespassing property
  • making out of a land certificate
  • illicit emission
  • prohibition against encroachment upon an ownership
  • finding, establishement and abolition of easement
  • acquisition of an ownership by prescription
  • divorce, the voidness of a marriage, award custody of the children, and relations between parents and children
  • return of gifts
  • deprivation of parental right
  • payment of alimonies
  • paternity determination
  • determination of cohabitation
  • payment of salary, allowance, jubilee rewards
  • termination of a contract of employment
  • illegal employment for a fixed period
  • divison of property
  • boundary dispute
  • way of necessity establishement and its termination
  • administration of the real estate
  • termination of the landlord and tenant relationship, vacation of the real estate
  • change of an ownership and other rights in rem in a land register
  • inheritance of an estate
  • cancellation of a will
  • right to the statutory portion
  • disinheritance of a forced heir
  • finding that a particular property is a part of inheritance
  • denationalization
  • constitutional complaint, and review of constitutionality and legality of regulations in front of the constitutional court
  • perpetuation of evidence and temporary injunction
  • obtaining data about debtor’s property
  • other proceedings of civil, labor and commercial law


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